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Yogi on the Green is a #1 international best-selling book in three categories in nine countries. The book was written with the desire to help a golfer improve his game and as well as his game of life. Arnold Palmer’s father once said, “golf is 10 percent physical and 90 percent mental!”

Various medical journals and sports articles have written how the ‘mind’ is the most important part of our being. Staying in the moment is the best way to handle your daily stress. Meditation is equally important, as a way to stay in the moment. Whenever you see a basketball player at the three-point line, a bowler standing with his bowling ball in his hand collecting his thoughts on how to deliver the ball to the pens, or a golfer at the tee box, setting up for the drive, you are watching a person with a routine, in a state of meditation to control their thoughts.

Daily meditation, whether it’s five minutes or a couple of hours, allows one to learn how to train their thoughts, “to stay in the moment.” Philosophers from Marcus Aurelius, Socrates, and Zeno, spoke of the need to control your thoughts. They state “Know what you can and can not control.”

Yogi on the Green provides insight into your game on the golf course and in your life.

The Flow of Concentration

The breadth and depth of available instruction contributes to golf’s reputation as an intensely mental game.

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Throwing Away Your Goals

By throwing your goals off the fairway and practicing being present in the process, you can free yourself

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The Physical Game

In order to reach the mental peak of your game, you need the instrument of your body to be well tuned.

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Meditation for golfers
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Benefits of Yoga for Golfers

  • Physical Improved flexibility, strength, balance, core conditioning and breathing awareness aid in focus, relaxation and visualization techniques on the golf course.
  • Flexibility Increased range of motion in the golf swing is the most obvious benefit of yoga for golfers. Swing faults caused by short tight muscles will be reduced and more club head speed will be produced as a direct result of improved flexibility.
  • Strength Described as the oldest form of “isometric strength training,” certain yoga postures are weight bearing, increasing muscular strength and endurance. Yoga uses the force of gravity and your own body weight to build strength by flexing and engaging the muscles. Long lean muscles are developed, increasing strength without restricting the golf swing.
  • Balance In golf, balance in your stance and throughout the entire swing plane is vital for a repeatable, reliable golf swing.
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